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I believe that learning isn't about test scores. Learning is about ensuring kids are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged. With every child, we need to build confidence with-in themselves in order for them to succeed. This is my passion. As a former teacher, I have the insight to consider multiple perspectives in working towards these ideals for students, teachers and families. As a Farmington School Board Member, I would use my experience as a Special Educator to advocate for all children and their individual needs.

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Applying my Passion and Expertise

Why Run for Farmington School Board Member

I believe in community and that we all have a responsibility to be a helpful member of our society. I’ve spent my life as an educator and a mother. I would like to apply my knowledge and experience to support students and teachers in the Farmington School District.


I have many innovative ideas to make sure every student has an opportunity to achieve their full potential. The school year of 2020-2021 might look different. There are many issues to consider; physical school attendance, class size, on-line learning, schools of choice, mental health and well-being.  With each issue, we must ask ourselves, how does it affect the proverbial student in the chair? How can we ensure our policies consider our teachers’ perspective who are on the front lines every day? These are the complicated discussions we must have and that I would be honored to serve in.


Credentials and Experience

Special Education Teacher

Conflict Resolution

Tutoring Specialist

Interfaith Journey Coordinator

Special Education Teacher

I taught Cognitive Impaired Students.  Before my student came to me, they had failed in every thing they tried.  My job was to build up their confidence.  My expectation for my students were based on the  progress they made in my classroom.  A teacher's expectations of her or his students is very important.  This is true not only for special ed but also for regular education. I had a nine year old student who came from the California Special Education Schools.  I was appalled to find out that he did not know the alphabet or know how to write his name.  After several months in my classroom, his mother came to me with happy tears and thanked me.  For the first time he was able to read the eye chart.  it was very rewarding to see his accomplishments.

Conflict Resolution

When I was working on my Master's Degree, I learned about Conflict Resolution.  I went to a seminar and learned how to implement Conflict Resolution in different areas of disagreements. Conflict Resolution is about peers helping peers (adults and children) cope with disagreements in an amicable way. This process of Conflict Resolution builds confidence, leadership skills and the ability to finish projects without bickering.


Tutoring Specialist

After I retired from teaching, I tutored students in my house after school.  I enjoyed this very much.  It was great to see the progress they made and their confidence grow. I was able to developed new ways to peak their interest. I belong to a non-profit organization called Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network. (D.I.O.N.)  Through D.I.O.N. I was able to find other people who wanted to tutor Detroit Students in literacy.  We became part of the Detroit Reading Core.  I was in charge of training the tutors.  I showed them different reading strategies. We were excited to see the progress with our students.

Interfaith Life Journey Coordinator

D.I.O.N. worked with the neighboring school districts to implement a program to exposes the students to various career opportunities.  The name of this  program is called Life Journey. I coordinated the scheduling between the Career Speakers and the teachers.  The speakers described their various job requirements and  responsibilities. At the end of their presentation, the students were able to ask questions.  The Career Speaker left an envelope with their address to enable the students to reflect on the presentation and give their opinion to the speaker. 


I welcome any comments and questions!

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What My Colleagues Have to Say

Wendy Wilder

Support for Janet L (Ravitz) Meir Farmington Public School Board:  

Janet Meir is a passionate advocate for literacy and equitable educational access for all students. She demonstrates this through her volunteer service as a Detroit Public Schools Community District tutor and trainer for the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network’s literacy corps. Janet has high energy and a friendly common sense approach to problem solving.  She also has valuable experience as a retired Special Education teacher and as a parent of a successful graduate of Farmington Public Schools. Jan will use these assets to responsibly help fulfill and enhance the educational opportunities for all students in Farmington Public Schools.

Dorit Edut


      When looking for a strong candidate for the School Board, you ideally want a person who has a background in education, years of firsthand experience  in a classroom or school setting, is well-organized and reliable, has useful, creative ideas and problem-solving skills, works well with others in making decisions, and is willing to devote much time and energy to whatever issues the Board might face. Well, all these are characteristics which describe Janet Meir whom I have known for some 45 years. 

      Janet was a popular and hardworking Special Education teacher in the Detroit Public Schools for many years, using her ingenuity and great patience to work with these challenged children and their families, often in settings that were not always supportive of their needs.  After quite a number of years, Janet decided to expand her own knowledge and pursued a higher degree in the field of Educational Administration so she could serve the children and their parents in another capacity. 

      All during this time, I also witnessed Janet raising two wonderful children and being involved deeply in their education and the unique development of their skills. One of her children did require some extra support for success, and Janet was a knowledgeable and powerful advocate for her child throughout his years of public school.

      After her retirement, Janet remained very active and joined the interfaith group I organized (Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network) which is devoted to helping students and families in Detroit with educational, cultural, health, and safety needs.  She currently is our Educational Chairperson and has organized a cadre of literacy tutors for one of the DPSCD schools we are partnered with, giving the tutors both training at the outset and monitoring regularly their progress with the students. She is also the liaison to this school for our organization, and maintains regular contact with the teachers and the assistant principal. She has also developed and presented a conflict resolution program which can be implemented in upper elementary and middle schools. 

      All-in-all, Janet Meir will be a wonderful addition to the School Board and I highly recommend her as a candidate!

Francine F. Newman

Janet is a deeply dedicated and devoted educator.  She is organized and maintains strong relationships with those that she works with!

Julie Schulze
The qualities so many of us look for in a leader is someone with the ability to empathize, to listen and has the strength to stand up for what is right. I see all of these qualities in my mother, Janet Ravitz-Meir. You may say that as her daughter, I am biased. I say knowing her my whole life has given me the opportunity to witness her displaying these qualities; not just for me and my brother, but for the countless students that have passed through her classroom. When my mother graduated high school, her counselor told her not to bother with college, she’d never succeed. You see, school didn’t come easy for her. Well, she got her B.A. in Education, holds a Master’s degree and taught Special Ed in Detroit for over 30 years. While these credentials are impressive, what truly makes her ideal to sit on Farmington’s School Board is how she acted on her leadership qualities even when no one was looking. She patiently consoled an inconsolable little girl with EI until she was ready to learn. She stayed calm when someone burst into her classroom threatening physical harm. She spoke up in meetings when her students were ready to be re-integrated and no-one would listen. I could list countless examples of her fierce compassion, but they wouldn’t fit on this page. There is no doubt that students, teachers and her community will benefit from my mom; Janet Ravitz-Meir, becoming a Farmington School Board Member.

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